Monday, June 29, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

I had to make a hard decision today.

1. Buy "Let's Make Cute Stuff" by Aranzi Aronzo or...

2. Buy "Generation T- Beyond Fashion" and meet Megan Nicolay.

I picked 1. Please excuse the flushed state in this photo. I had just gotten in from 108 degree weather. Whew.


The reasons being:

- I really really wanna make cute stuff, after buying a dress for the bachelorette party on Saturday, the actual party, and buying the stuff to make the wedding cake and some of the reception food for said bachelorette this weekend, I'm really only going to have the extra money for one book.
- I have had a look at the Generation T book, and I do like it, but I think it would be a long time before I made any of it, and also, some of the projects look a little advanced for my poor sewing skills. Also, I'm really shy and wouldn't really even know what to say if I met the author.

Also, I wanted to post a picture of some kitties I made years ago. I think it was 2005. I've got some more I'm working on, but here are the ones I made a while back:


Okay, that's all for now!


  1. Ah, thank you :) It actually is NOT the best photo of me, but I was so stoked to get that book that I wanted to post about it and post a picture of me with it. I dunno why, I mean, it's cool, but it's not like a rarity. I guess I was just excited to get started on some of the projects.