Monday, June 8, 2009


These guys are so versatile. I've made a ton of these in the past. You can make magnets, broaches, hair pins, thumbtacks, and probably tons of other things I've not thought of. All you need is either a 3/4" hole punch (or scissors), magazines or other sources of pictures, clear flat-backed marbles (you can find these in most craft stores, and it's important that they are flat-backed)and clear Tacky Glue. Cut or punch out your picture, apply the glue onto the marbles, then apply the picture. Allow the glue to dry, and then use a very strong adhesive (hot glue is not recommended, as it falls off too easily) to attach your barrette, magnet, thumbtack, pin, or whatever you're gonna make with it. I'm going to do all of the above with mine.


The possibilities are endless. You could even cut out words or draw tiny pictures and use those. And one of the cool things is that the marble actually magnifies the image.


  1. Very cool! I bought some (in magnet form) at Michael's, it never occcurred to me to make them! lol

  2. you are so uber crafty these days.
    I'm jealous...I have no inspiration


  3. Kristi, I have those same magnets! They're super cute. I have been making these for years. I make a batch for Christmas and some people get them for birthdays. My friends really love them. I'm gonna make some hair things out of them soon.

  4. Rebecca: Yeah, I dunno what's hit me. I usually get crafty around spring and summer but never follow through.