Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here is some stuff I've worked on.

Here is one of two guys like this. I found this pattern on Flickr, I think. The other is green with different hair, and I'll post it when I've done it.

Blue Hair

I did this one for my friend Rebecca. She's got a tattoo almost just like this.

Come and Get it!

And this is one I found on Flickr as well. It's an elsiecake design, I think, and I did her hair like mine, so I guess I sorta elsiecaked myself for this one. I have altered this drawing for a tattoo that I will be getting in the near future.

Dreams of Coffee

Okay, I'm being rushed out the door grrrr so that's all for now! I have some stuff I'm working on that I'm excited about posting though!


  1. To answer your question: I, personally, shy away from stitching up patterns from images that I know are for sale. Anything that's a freebie, though, I go for without qualms. :-D I've also heard of people who see an image (on Flickr, for example) that they love and want to stitch, and they email the artist to ask if they may stitch it. I think most folks are ok with it as long as the stitcher isn't selling the piece or redistributing the art.

    I dunno what the proper etiquette is either, that's just my two cents.

    That being said, these are all really cute. :)

  2. Thanks for your input, Kristi. I originally thought it was a give-away, but after closer inspection, I realized that she is selling bags with this pattern on, so I removed the image. I don't wanna piss anyone off or step on anyone's toes. But thanks again!!

  3. No prob. :) Oh and hey, about those onesies you asked about on my blog, I did indeed use a q-snap. I really really love those things!!

  4. Cool, I'm gonna have to get one of those. I can't wait to start stitching on those onesies!