Friday, January 29, 2010

First weekend project

I redid my bathroom a little bit.  I cut out some bubbles, clouds, and rain drops from fabric and Modge-Podged them onto my bathroom wall.  They look really cute.  Our walls are textured, so that's why it looks all knobby under the cut outs.  But I think they look awesome.  I just need to figure out what I wanna do with those ugly linen closet doors.  I rent, so I can't paint them or replace them.  But here's what I've done today!




  1. Very creative! I love that idea! Can you do the same type of thing with the linen closet?

  2. Thanks, Anne-Marie! Yeah, I'm gonna do something similar to the linen closet doors. I just have to test and make sure it won't peel any of the finish off of them first.