Monday, January 11, 2010

More soap!

Here are some more soaps I've made.

Green skulls
Finished Green skulls

Heart soaps. I used a silicone ice tray from Ikea, and it's perfect!
Hearts finished

Snail. I moved him before he hardened all the way, so he's got wrinkles. :( But when I do others, they're gonna be WAY cute.
Snail Finished

And here's some more stuff I did. This camera is from a Kitschy Digitals pattern.
I'm doing two, and this is the first one.

Here is some scrapbook paper I framed.

Hearts Framed

Create framed

And here is my wall collage that I finally got around to hanging!
Wall collage

That's all for now!


  1. The snail soap is very creative. It turned out great. Love it!

  2. Oh! Thank you so much, Anne-Marie! I'm so flattered that you came to my blog, and even more that you liked my snail soap!