Monday, January 4, 2010

Soap! Soap! A spicy soap! Soap!


Right, so, here are a few failed attempts at soap. This is only my second night at trying soap, and I decided to jump into some more advanced techniques. They weren't disasters, and I did learn from the mistakes, so not all was lost!

Okay, here is my first attempt at embedding objects into soap. These are adorable little donut erasers that I got at Michael's. Here, I made two mistakes. First, I didn't make the bottom layer (really the top layer when you pop the soap out) clear. I used colored soap. And second, I made that layer too thick, so it looks cloudy. They're not horrible, but they could be improved upon.

Donut embeds

I bagged them so I can give them to a lady at work. I can't sell them, and I'll never use them, so I'm gonna give them to her for her little girls.

Donuts bagged

Here, I decided to do something really tricky- layers and stripes. It looks really easy when you have the right equipment and measure out correctly. You need something like a silicone jelly roll pan to make the layers even and flat, and you need to measure the soap out exactly. I used a rigged up thing and half-assed measured. But it's okay. Again, I was just trying to test and see if I could figure out how to make layers, then embed them, and use a cookie cutter as a mold. The cookie cutter as a mold totally works! But what happened was, since my layers were not even, when I cut them out in the heart shape, they didn't fit flush together, so when I poured the top layer of pinkish colored cleared soap, it sort of seeped through the parts that weren't together. But it doesn't look too bad! Again, I can't sell this, but I'm proud of this for a first attempt at what is supposed to be sort of advanced as far as I can tell. Next time, I'll have the right stuff I need, and if the layers still aren't flush, I can cheat and use clear soap to kind of meld them together so that the pink won't seep through. My boyfriend said it smells really nice, though. I can't really tell, because I'm getting over a cold still. But, now I have a lot of ideas for my cookie cutters that I never use. I didn't realize it was so easy to use them at molds, and I didn't realize you could even use them to cut soap! So my head is now swimming with ideas for my cookie cutters, and I also plan to pick up a ton of fondant cutters (including the alphabet! I can make my soap say stuff!) with my Hobby Lobby gift card my mom is sending for my birthday. It makes me wanna take a whole week off and just make soap! I have so many ideas!

Okay, enough blah blah blah, here's the photo.


That's all for now. The hour is getting late, and I need my beauty rest. Like 40,000 winks! ;)

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