Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Artisan Market

I got a message from someone on my Etsy page, asking me if I’d be interested in participating in a local craft market, the 78704 Artisan Market!  It takes place every weekend.  Booths are pretty cheap, and it’s in a very high traffic shopping area, so I am jumping at the chance!  I am planning to go next week to see how the booths are set up, and then I plan to participate April 9th.  If it works out, I’ll probably do it once or twice a month.  I’m so excited!!

I have so much to do in preparation! 

Make cute display tiers.  All I need is some small clay pots!  6, please! 
I want to make some little business cards!
I need to make some little tags and some labels for my stuff, too.  I’ve already got some soap labels made up, but I think I’m gonna need some more!
I need to decide what I’m going to actually take.  I can’t take EVERYTHING!
Make more soap.  I can’t wait for this.  I haven’t made soap in a while, and I have a cute new mold I need to try out!.
Embroider a few more onesies.  I wonder what sizes I should do.  I’d like to do a variety, so maybe one of each size.
Embroider bibs.
Make about 10 cards- I’m going to embroider some, and use scrapbook stuff to make the others.
Make a few  more embroidery pieces.
Make a few pillows- maybe a fleece one, an embroidered one, and one from really cool fabric.

It’s a good thing I’ve got two weeks to plan this all out!  I’ll keep the blog updated and probably will post photos of what I make.   I wish I could do it more often, maybe I could quit my day job.  Ha!


  1. Check out vistaprint for business cards. They're not pricey at all and you can upload your own image for a small fee. Artisan fair sounds fun!

  2. STACEYYYYY!!! Hi, lady! Thanks, I'll have a look at that place. xoxoxox

  3. So coooool! Congratulations!

    Where is that at? I am so lost in this city still.

    I want to visit your booth! :)