Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I bought some supplies today for everything I intend to make and sell at the Artisan Market.  I got some soap embossing stamps and some new fragrances, some rub-ons for cards, some cute packing tape, some bags for my soap, and some card stock.  I also got some cute ribbon and stamps for cards.  I treated myself to some Melty Beads and a cute little eraser set, which has two chairs with pillows, a TV stand, and a little TV!  AWWW!

I bought this a while back- a Space Invaders silicone mold.  I can't wait to make these little guys into soaps!

Here are the embossing stamps.  There are two more, but they're currently embossing more soaps.

And here is what they look like after they're embossed!

Here are some more soaps I made.  I'll sell them as guest soaps.  I thought they looked nice layered.

And here is the result of the mini-spree I went on.  I put some paper down so that you can't see our ugly carpet.  D'oh!  But I forgot to include my cute packing tape.  Ah well...

Anyhow, I'm really excited to start on my other stuff- the cards, hair bows, onesies, and bibs!  I shall be a crafty lady these next two weeks!

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