Thursday, March 25, 2010

I see an Etsy update in my future...

I just did a mini-photo shoot with Allen, featuring the new hair bows I did and some older hair stuff.  I'm gonna update my Etsy shop with the bows and the new photos.  It was fun, but my back hurts.  I'm gettin old.  I am so bad about having my picture taken, because I am very, very unphotogenic.  If you see a photo of me,  it is guaranteed that I am much better looking in real life.  I get that from my mom.  She's beautiful, but not in photos.  Ugh.  But I digress...

Tomorrow I am off, and the day is going to be full of preparations for the Artisan Market.  Plus, I was commissioned to do three onesies for an old friend who's friend is expecting a baby in July.  I still also need to work on the pillow I am making in exchange for getting my eyebrows waxed, which REALLY needs to happen before I am mistaken for Bill Berry from R.E.M., or Bert from Sesame Street.   Tomorrow night, we're seeing a triple feature at the Alamo Drafthouse- Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness.  Tomorrow night, I will be indulging in whatever I want to eat, and, possibly,  a beer or two.  Then I have to work Saturday, and the next 5 days after that, so tomorrow is the best opportunity I have to get started on everything. 

I should get to bed- I'm gonna be a busy bee tomorrow!  Goodnight!


  1. I do not do photos well either! Never have. I always like to be taking the photos so I do not have to be in the photos.

    I love the Alamo drafthouse! I had never been to a theater where you can eat and have drinks before I came here.

    Good luck on preparations for your booth and let me know where it is please and when you will set up.

  2. Oh, I love the Alamo Drafthouse! It's amazing. And the food is yum. I pigged out on queso and then I had a little popcorn and some chicken tenders, and then a caramel mocha. YUM!

    The Artisan Market is somewhere on South Congress. I'm not sure where, I'm gonna go check it out on Saturday, though, and I'll surely report back on the blog!