Thursday, April 8, 2010


The Artisan Market has been canceled for Saturday. Boo!  The good part of that is that I will have more time to make more stuff to sell there and at the Moxie store opening up in May!  Yay as well as boo.


  1. Sorry about Artisan market being cancelled this Saturday. I was looking forward to meeting you and seeing what you had made! I definitely will try to meet you when you do go. Just let me know when you plan to be there. :) P.S. Did you go to the Renaissance festival? (The Sherwood Forest Faire?) I had never been to one of those before. It was fun.

  2. No, I never went. A girl that a friend of mine knows was running the soap booth, though, and using my soap molds, so I was there in spirit ;) I never had a free weekend when it was going on.

    I plan to be at the Artisan Market not next weekend, but the one after. I guess the last weekend in April. But I'll keep the blog updated, of course!