Friday, April 30, 2010


1.  Drawing small embroidery patterns.  This size would fit into one of those tiny 2 inch hoops.

2.  R. E. M. 

I fell in love with this band when they came out with "Stand" back in... 89?  I became obsessed- I bought their unauthorized biography (which I think I may still have), posters, and their live video TourFilm, and I recorded every video I saw on MTV of theirs, including Unplugged (which I also taped off of the radio, because they played it in full on our local radio station in Houston), and there were a couple of specials about them that I taped, and I watched them over and over, because I was so crazy in love with Michael Stipe and Mike Mills.  I bought all of their albums, and then they came out with Out of Time, and I got that one, and that is the last one I bought.  In my opinion, most of their stuff post-Out of Time sucks.  I saw them with Radiohead in 1995 in Houston for their Monster tour, and they mostly played new stuff, so I was a little disappointed, but it was still cool seeing them, because they hadn't toured for YEARS.  But man, they had a REALLY good thing going for a while.  I still love listening to their older stuff.  It's SO good.

3.  The Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

Hi?  I also got the lo-mob app,  which I will be playing with today.

4.  SoBe Lifewater. 

My favorite flavors are those above, and one called Cherimoya punch.  Yummmmmm.

5.  Perler/Melty beads

I made these the other night, and a lot more, but these are the best ones.  I'm still practicing.

K, bye!

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