Sunday, August 1, 2010

Overdue Family Visit post

I meant to share these photos last week, but got sick and then busy.  Here are some photos I took during my last visit to East Texas.  I really love going out there to visit.  Every time I go, even though I grew up there, I find something new and fun to photograph.  On this trip, we went down to the creek behind the Old Jail museum and took a few pics.  I wanna go back when I have rubber boots so we can splash through the creek and maybe find some old bottles.  Every time it rains, new stuff washes up in that creek.  My dad collects old bottles, and he goes down there sometimes o see if there are any more.  The time we went before this time, we found a good big of bottles!  We didn’t look this time, though, because we didn’t have boots.  

The town I grew up in, Coldspring, is an old town.  It’s also very, very small.  Last population count in July 2009 was 766 people.  When I lived there, it was in the 500s.  It’s a town nestled in the Sam Houston National Forest, and it’s the county seat, so there’s a nice little courthouse right in the middle of “downtown”.  It’s a pretty old town.  My dad used to take me and my sister to old houses or cemeteries all the time.  He’s really into history and old stuff, and my sister and I are, too, probably because of him.  I think the next time I go, I’m going to take photos inside the old jail. 

In the town square, surrounding the court house, there are a lot of little shops.  Most of them are only opened on the weekends.  There are a few antique shops.  One had a really cool old cash machine and some old crafting supplies!

Another had a cute display of owl.  They’re not really antique, though.  

We spent the day in Coldpsring and a small town near there called Livintgston, antiquing.  I got a set of nesting dolls that’s almost complete and two little crock pots that will get a lot of use when it’s cooler out.  There’s an antique shop in Livingston that just has the most amazing things!  I think maybe I’ll have to let my parents know that I want stuff from there for Christmas

There are quite a few antique shops here in Austin, of course, as well.  I’ve just discovered a giant one that I may have to visit on my next day off.  I think I’ll make a list of antique stores in Austin  and in the small towns in the area, and maybe make it a point to go at least once a month!  

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