Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things I want with special guest star Pyrex

I found these lovelies on Etsy.   Ohhhhh if I had a lot of money...

Etsy seller pulloverthecar




The Gingham Owl


  1. I remember when you could score old Pyrex at Goodwill for pennies. I love what you found!

  2. I can score it on Ebay for pretty cheap too. The shipping on most of them is more than they're asking for the actual bowls! I just adore these ones, though, they were my favorites.

  3. My Mom has a bowl like the turqoise and white one and it is one of my favorites. I think she has had it since she first got married!!! It is so cool that you enjoy old stuff too. While I am in Alabama I am hitting thrift stores and flea markets. I miss that and I do not really know Austin well enough to know the good spots yet. Gonna have to be asking you when we visit later. :) ((BIG HUG)) Michelle