Monday, November 15, 2010

Fit to Pop

One thing about Handmade Xmas- I can't post anything about what I'm making until after Christmas.  I have made four things that are awesome, and I have SO SO many ideas for more stuff, and I feel like I'm gonna pop because I have to keep them all secret!  AGH! 

Ah well.  At least maybe there's stuff for Moxie that I can post, if I have time between gifts.  And Thanksgiving is coming up, so maybe I can post some pics of the delicious food I'm going to make! 

I do want to say that I found the COOLEST iPhone app for a cross stitcher.  It's called "Minipop."  It's basically a bunch of cartoony pixelated illustrations of pop stars, movie stars, and TV show characters, and they're perfect for charting up for cross stitch projects.  I already have some ideas for friends!

I just had to get that out.  That's all for now!

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