Sunday, January 9, 2011

Crystal Falls Soap Company

I just made a small order for more soap supplies and I plan to get back into the soap-making thing.  I think the thing that messed me up was that the supplies I have previously purchased were not of good quality.  The colors bled and the soap left a funky feel after use.  I got stuff from Brambleberry this time ( and I am hoping that the good supplies will re-charge my passion for making soap. 

In the meantime, I would like to direct anyone who's paying attention to Crystal Falls Soap Company.  My good friends/second family there in Leander, TX make some REALLY nice handmade organic cold process soap that smells LOVELY.  They've just started their website and gave me and Allen a bunch of samples.  I don't usually use bar soap, but theirs is really nice, and I keep a bar on my sink to give my bathroom a nice smell (and to use, of course!)  You can find them at 

Just wanted to plug them.  Coming, up, I have a very exciting announcement. 

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