Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aranzi Aronzo are my heroes!

I love cute stuff.  I love to make it and look at it and talk about it and blog about it.  I even love to eat cute food.  Except for sushi.  But, I digress...

I busted out my Aranzi Aronzo "The Cuter Book" last night to make some cute little felties.  Here are the fru-eets, a couple quite literally, of my labor.

Here is my less than normal looking monkey.  I do not know what happened here.  I think he's cute but he looks a little deformed.  That's okay.  Deformed monkeys need love, too.  I think I need to get some sharper scissors.  My felt scissors are wearing dull and it's harder to cut small things and cut into crevasses, such as a monkey's armpit.  He looks less deformed if you're looking at him straight on, though.

Here is my tiny strawberry and apple.  I'm thinking of making more to sew onto barrettes.

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