Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Food is amazing.

Ooohhh, looky at what I made for dinner tonight!  Chicken enchiladas with rice!  I made the rice from scratch!   I was so proud, it turned out really good.  I've never really been very good at cooking rice, but this stuff turned out really nice!  Yay me!  This really belongs on my cooking blog, but whatever.

Inside these bad boys is shredded lean chicken meat mixed with some spices.  Before you judge, it LOOKS like more cheese than it is, due to the fact that it melted in with the enchilada sauce.  That's just how I like it.  I really only used one serving of low fat Mexican cheese on each pair of enchiladas.   So, it's healthy.  That is, until I add a little sour cream with mine...

And now, I get to eat this amazing treat  Adios!

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