Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gettin all Earthy up in Here

So many blogs I read have been focusing on Earth Day lately. It's a good thing. And it's got me a-thinkin'...

I do what I can to not screw up the planet. I recycle damned near everything (thanks, single-stream recycling program!). I eat organically when I can and don't eat a ton of meat. I don't drive my car unnecessarily (like to the mailbox or dumpster and back) and I don't top off my gas tank. I have even FINALLY remembered to always take my reusable grocery bags when I go shopping anywhere. But could I be doing more without going overboard and getting ridiculous?

I am guilty of using those horrible plastic grocery bags, even though I also use the reusable ones, because I need them for my bathroom garbage can. And I also use them to clean out our cats' litter box. I wonder if there's a way to stop using those, a greener way to clean out the litter pan that doesn't involve lugging it to a dumpster, because that's not going to happen. It's huge and way too heavy. And that's gross. Maybe some biodegradable bags to put it all in? Do they make those? Why yes. Yes, they do. And you can get them in different sizes online or at Whole Foods! Whaaaa?

How about all the aluminum foil I throw away, or parchment paper, when I bake or cook in the oven? I've found silicone baking mats will do the trick here, and they're reusable, of course! On my list of things to eventually buy they go!

And the produce bags when I buy fruits and vegetables? Bye bye. You can get reusable ones online at reuseit.com or some grocery stores carry them. I'm testing some soon and will more than likely blog about how awesome they are.

Paper towels. I use SO many of these. I cover my food with them when cooking in the microwave. I use them as napkins. I use them to clean. Couldn't there be a better solution other than using some nasty old rags? What do you think?! I will be testing some of these as well. They're called Skoy cloths.

And here's a tutorial for making your own napkins!


It may sound crazy and extreme that I am going to try all of the above, but I think I can drastically reduce our garbage output, as well as save on garbage bags and help not kill Earth, with just a little more effort on my part.  I really can't bitch about waste when I'm contributing, you know??

So, wish me luck on my further attempts to waste less and reuse more! And I challenge everyone else to do the same!  If you do and you read this, let me know how you're doing on your quest to waste less!

PS- I promise to make a crafty post soon!


  1. I did not know about these products. I am a big recycler as well. Armando often jokes with me because I take little bits and bobs of stuff that otherwise would be trash and try to make stuff with it. I could improve a lot in several areas though. Thanks for opening my eyes to some cool earth-friendly products and for the napkin tutorial!


  2. Oh cool, Michelle, I didn't know you recycled too! I recycle but until just recently, we could only do paper, certain plastics and cans. Now we have the single stream program at the apartments and it's amazing! I got my Skoy cloths and produce bags today! I have used one of the Skoy cloths already and I love it. I'll use the produce bags when I go shopping again.