Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weird Science (ooh!)

I have been on an experimental kick lately.  My friend called me a mad scientist on Facebook, and I think that I like that description.

First, came the salted caramel cupcakes.  A little too messy and sweet for my personal taste, but everyone else seemed to like them.

Next came avocado banana bread bites with drizzled chocolate.  Piece of cake and way yum.

Then, I tried snickerdoodle cupcakes.  They were a great success and to date, I think a favorite.  They're simple, yet so good.

I tried peanut butter and chocolate whoopie pies with both cake mix and my own mix.  My own mix works better, by the way.  It doesn't fluff up too much and doesn't rise as much as regular cake mix.

I made meringue cookies and they were really good!  I think next time I'll put lemon in them.  Sorry for the bad pic, they were really pretty!

I did some strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing.  I made them pretty and then decided to ruin them by putting strawberry slices on the night before I served them.  EPIC FAIL.  This photo is from before they went to mush.

I made my mom some cookies for mothers day with Heath toffee bits in them.  They came out so hard they could break your teeth.  Another fail.  Boo!

So, out of... 7 new things I've tried (the avocado bread I've done but not in the tiny brownie bite pan and not drizzled with chocolate), only two have been a complete failure.  I consider this a success, and therefore, I am encouraged to sally forth and try even more yummy stuff!

So, I've learned a few lessons over the past few months on making tasty treats.
-Caramel inside cake makes it really good, but too sweet for me and way messy.
-Banana avocado bites and snickerdoodle cupcakes are some of my favorite things to bake and to eat.
- Whoopie pies are more popular with my from-scratch mix and buttercream icing is much easier to make than I thought.
-Meringue cookies are easier to make than I thought, too, and it's really fun to whip those egg whites and sugar into little peaks!
- Don't put strawberry slices on anything the night before you serve it.  Probably best to put them on right before serving.
- Heath bits in cookies will not yield soft cookies.  At least not in the quantity of Heath I put in the dough.
-I love experimenting and am surprisingly undaunted by little snafus!

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