Thursday, June 2, 2011

Working on lots of stuffffff

1.  A Mouth Parade embroidery.  This is coming along SUPER slow, but I will post a photo when I'm done.  It's the stitchalong over at the Feeling Stitchy blog.

2.  MOVING!  Yay!  We're in the process of moving.  Well, we will be moving July 1st, but I do not procrastinate.  So most of my crafty stuff is already packed.

3.  Working out a better blog schedule.  I have some features I want to add but I need more stability as to when to post each feature.

4.  Ecommerce site.  I am in the process of making my own website to sell my stuff on!  It's in the works and may take a while sooooo......

Anyhow, lots of things are in the works, and while my blogging may be super sporadic, one day I will be back blogging like normal again! 

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