Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is Halloween (kinda early, isn't it?)

Have you noticed all of the amazing Halloween stuff already out at some of the major craft stores?! JoAnn Fabrics has tons, already on sale!! I had to
control myself. I got orange and black sprinkles for cupcakes or brownie pops and a skull candy mold. At Michael's, I got 2 ice cube trays that I've already bragged about. There is a baking pan in the shape of tombstones that I want as well. I have a coupon so I may get it. I also hear that Party City may have some cool stuff as well.

While perusing those aisles, I also got inspired in the general baking/candy sections of both stores. I bought a candy mold to make cute filled candies! I tried it out last night and success!!! I made some delicious peanut butter filled candies! I will post a tutorial and a picture later today. I've been brainstorming all kinds of fillings!

I will return to Michael's today and get a couple of packs of the white candy melts to decorate my new creations, and maybe see if those little candy decorating bags are useful!

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