Saturday, October 29, 2011

Aaaaaaas promised...

Okay!  Here are some pics from this past weekend.  I went to my family's place last Friday to start preparing for my sister's wedding shower!  Here are some photos of us getting stuff ready and of the decorations!

Here are some pre-shower shots of candy, desserts, and making decorations!  I'll put the finished products in the next post.

Here are some of the filled candies I made.  Notice the Halls?  Keepin' it classy...

My Mom, amongst others, was a HUGE help  Here she is putting sticks in the brownie pops.

Here are some of the decorations. And a beer.  Yes, that WAS necessary.

Here are our yummies before decorations were added.

See, my Granny was also very helpful!

The finished products will be in the next post!

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