Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Babycakes- NOOOO, I am not getting fresh with you.

OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD!!!  While perusing Kohl's a few weeks ago, I came across the Babycakes line of amazing tools to make cute tiny delicious baked goods.

There is the donut maker and the cupcake maker, neither of which call to me.  I am not a donut fan and I think it's just as easy to make cupcakes in a cupcake pan as in a cupcake maker.

There is a cake pops one that I kinda wanna play with.  I have not been successful in making them in the past, and maybe the cake pop one will help me.  Or maybe I'll pass on that one.

BUT... I HAD to buy this one.  It's a tiny whoopie pie maker!!

Ohhhh man did I have fun with this guy after dinner!  It makes perfect and cute tiny whoopie pies!  I am thinking you could also do pancakes in it, but I don't find pancakes to be very exciting. Don't judge me.

It came with a little metal cinnamon sprinkler, a thing to lift the cakes out, a little cooling rack, an instruction book with recipes, a NICE frosting bag and a frosting tip.  It said on the box it comes with two tips, but I only got one.  It's cool, I already have the tip they were adding in, I don't need another.   Here is what I made, pre-assembly (of the pies, not the pie baker).

The tops are a bit brown.  I will have to figure out a good cooking time.  The booklet suggests 2 and a half minutes, but that is far too long!

There is another one I wanna get.  It makes... PIE POPS.  It has cavities for six tiny pies with holders for lollipop sticks.  Now, I am not a huge sweet pie fan.  But I LOVE savory ones!  I am planning to buy the pie pops maker and make meat pies and bean pies and cheese pies!

If you like baking and like whoopie pies, I would recommend this gadget.  It's SO awesome.  I can't say that enough.  It rules.

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