Thursday, October 13, 2011


I'm in a weird place today.  I suppose it happens.  I am feeling just kind weird and blah and useless.  haha!  No seriously.  But it's cool, I know it's just kind of a funk everyone gets into.  I'll be over it by tomorrow!

I am working on something pretty rad that I will share probably this weekend.  It's just another embroidery, but it's cool, because I did it, and because my friend did the pattern and I am totally impressed with it.

Until then, here are some things I want to do this weekend.

1.  Make some savory puff pastry pies.  With taco meat and beans and cheese.  Maybe some with delicious roasted veggies.  And I'll be using this for inspiration:

2.  Buy some of those snappy hem things you see on TV so I can wear this REALLY cute pair of dress pants I bought that are ENTIRELY too long for me.  "Regular" length.  HA!  On what planet???  OR maybe I just have super short legs...

3.  I HAVE to make some more whoopie pies!

4.  Look up some reviews on the Babycakes pie pop maker and think of some good pie fillings.

5.  Do some test runs of candies I've come up with for my sister's shower.  Nut filled candies, Almond Joy- style filled candies, dark chocolate cayenne candies... etc.  I am thinking of possibly doing some fun mustache lollipops too.  We'll see.

6.  And after reading reviews, I think I will DEFINITELY purchase the Babycakes Cake Pop maker.  Oh yes.  Look out.  I'll make you fat.

I'll let you know if I did these things or if I just laid my fat ass (and I say that with MUCH love- I'm not berating myself!!!)  on the couch all weekend watching horror movies again!

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