Saturday, October 15, 2011

List success?

It's Saturday.   Let's see... have I accomplished anything I listed the other day?

1.  Savory puff pastry pies- will be doing that tonight!  I have to go to the supermarket first.  I will post pictures and a recipe if they are successful!

2.  Snappy hem things- not yet.

3.  More whoopie pies- No.

4.  Reviews on pie pop maker- Can't find any :(

5.  Test candies- meh.  Not feeling in the candy makin' mood.  Maybe tomorrow!  Ooh, and if they're good, I'll send them out to my lovely PenPal Cuppy (!!

6.  Cake pop maker- YES!

Soooo one out of six so far.  But I have been busy!  I have been making a more organized game plan for the week so that preparing on Friday and Saturday for the shower won't be stressful!  I still have a few things to buy and make, and I am just SO SO stoked and glad to be putting this shower on!!!  Anyhow, I'll check back with myself tomorrow and see again how I'm doing on the list!  Till then...

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