Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Day Two: Goals

New Year's Resolutions are so ordinary.  People always set them to lose weight or start working out or eating better, etc.  I don't usually have any.  However, I do this year.  But I prefer to call them goals.

1.  Make time for crafting weekly.  I have done craft-related stuff lately, but my heart wasn't into it.  I get in these moods where I just don't feel inspired or crafty.  I had to do stuff for Christmas, though, so I was forced to craft.  I have just been so busy that I haven't really had time to sit and create anything.  I need to change that!  With a new year, I've gotten a burst of creative energy and I have a lot of projects and D.I.Y. tutorials to share!

2.  Make something new each week.  This should keep me on my toes.

3.  Blog weekly, or preferably, daily.  I only feel like blogging when I've done something interesting.  Maybe I should do something interesting more often!  I think I will start, and stick with, some features. They may not be weekly, but they should be semi-regular.  I started this with an Etsy shop of the week, and then with a blog or website of the week, but I couldn't keep the momentum up.  Maybe I'll feature a band now and then, or show some pics of my apartment where I've decorated it all cute.  I will definitely do tutorials, though.

4.  Get my e-commerce site running.  It's stocked, but it's not pretty like I want it, so it's sitting there.  I wanted to get it up before Christmas, but I have been swamped at work, so I like to just come home and do something mindless.  It helps keep me sane.

5.  Cook more often.  Along with being busy, last night was the first time I've cooked dinner in probably two months.  It was fun, and it was nice to eat dinner at home with Allen.  I love cooking, and I need to make time for it.

6.  Learn a new skill/craft.  I haven't given a lot of thought to this, but there has to be something fun I can pick up.

7.  Become friends with a sewing machine.  I really should use those to sew things.  I bet I could come up with some kick-ass clothing designs for plus sized girls.  Maybe I could even sell then online!   Don't let me get ahead of myself, though...

Later, I'll post a picture of my first official project of 2012.  It's very simple, and something I do all of the time, but hey, it's a project, and I had fun doing it, and it came out super cute!  And tomorrow, I have a cool D.I.Y. to share!

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