Monday, March 19, 2012

Blow it Out Your Nose

That's what I've been doing for the past three days.

I love those little Kleenex packs, but they always get mucked up in my bag.  Even the sturdy real Kleenex packs don't stand a chance in that meat grinder I carry everywhere.

While browsing the internet for easy patterns on which to practice using my sewing machine, I came across two different styles of tissue holders that are super cute, customizable, and will protect your Kleenex packs!

The first is the "slit front style" tissue holder.  It's fairly simple and, while it's cute, it's a little primitive looking. But I still made some.  The one in the picture was a tiny small, so I had to tweak the pattern a bit.

You will need one rectangle of whatever fabric you want, plus matching or contrasting thread.  I used contrasting for mine so you can see the seams better.

Cut the fabric into a rectangle that measures 6"x 8.5".

Lay the fabric down with the right side (printed side) facing down.  Fold the shorter 6" edges under about 14" twice.  Hem the edges.  (Sorry, I had to double hem one edge because I didn't quite get it tacked down the first time! I'm a beginner, give me a break!)

Turn your fabric where the printed side is now facing up and turn where the hemmed edges are now on the top and bottom rather than left and right.   Mark the middle of the unhemmed sides.  Fold the hemmed edges in where they are touching.  Hem the unhemmed sides.

Trim the edges and turn inside out. Slip your tissue pack in!

I'll show you another way next time!  


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