Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Time! Reusable sandwich and snack bags

Hi!  Did you see the cute little sandwich and snack bags I posted just now?  Here's how I made em!

First you will need:
Oil cloth or fabric and iron on vinyl
ruler or tape measure
needle and thread or sewing machine

First, you will need to cut your cloth.  If you are using oilcloth, just cut the cloth into a 7.5" x 9 " rectangle.   I couldn't find any cute oilcloth, so I just used regular cloth and ironed vinyl over the top.  I got the Heat N Bond kind at Hobby Lobby.

Put your cloth onto your surface, lengthwise and patterned side down.  Mark 3.5 inches from the right side of the cloth.

Fold the cloth and crease it well with your finger.  Add your velcro here- I just added the stick on kind because it's what I had on hand.

I kinda put the velcro on a big high.  I would definitely put it down a little lower next time.

Fold your top over like an envelope and press down really good if you're using the stick-on velcro.

Unfold it and either using your sewing machine or your hand, secure the sides by stitching them.  I used a zigzag stitch.

You're done!

For the sandwich bag, cut a rectangle 16.25" x 7".  Use the same method as above, marking and folding 6.5" from the right.

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