Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not being a mother myself, and honestly, not knowing a lot about babies, i am not sure if one of these is practical or even needed. i was inspired by the pocket tissue holders i've been making.

It's a cover for a to-go baby wipes pack, a similar kind of thing to the tisse holders and you make it the exact same way, only with larger fabric. i used a piece of fabric that was 13" x 11.5" and used the same method as one of my pocket tissue holders. i think it's pretty cute!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blow it out your nose (Pt. 2)

Last time, I showed you how to make one style of pocket tissue holder. Here is another one. i think this one is actually nicer!

Here's how you do it- SO easy!

First, cut three rectangles of fabric, each 4" x 6".

On the wrong side (not the printed side, but the other), make a mark from the long bottom, about 1.5" from the bottom. Fold the rectangle under at the mark. Do this with two of the rectangles.

Take the third rectangle and lie it down, printed side up, place your first rectangle on top.

Put the other one on, the folded edges overlapping each other. Make sure all edges are even, and pin it together.

Now, just hem all the way around.

Turn it right side out and slip
your pocket pack in!

I'm planning to make a pattern for a baby wipe holder like this! Fhey are so easy and so cute!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Blow it Out Your Nose

That's what I've been doing for the past three days.

I love those little Kleenex packs, but they always get mucked up in my bag.  Even the sturdy real Kleenex packs don't stand a chance in that meat grinder I carry everywhere.

While browsing the internet for easy patterns on which to practice using my sewing machine, I came across two different styles of tissue holders that are super cute, customizable, and will protect your Kleenex packs!

The first is the "slit front style" tissue holder.  It's fairly simple and, while it's cute, it's a little primitive looking. But I still made some.  The one in the picture was a tiny small, so I had to tweak the pattern a bit.

You will need one rectangle of whatever fabric you want, plus matching or contrasting thread.  I used contrasting for mine so you can see the seams better.

Cut the fabric into a rectangle that measures 6"x 8.5".

Lay the fabric down with the right side (printed side) facing down.  Fold the shorter 6" edges under about 14" twice.  Hem the edges.  (Sorry, I had to double hem one edge because I didn't quite get it tacked down the first time! I'm a beginner, give me a break!)

Turn your fabric where the printed side is now facing up and turn where the hemmed edges are now on the top and bottom rather than left and right.   Mark the middle of the unhemmed sides.  Fold the hemmed edges in where they are touching.  Hem the unhemmed sides.

Trim the edges and turn inside out. Slip your tissue pack in!

I'll show you another way next time!  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easy like...well, Saturday Evening

While my friends are enjoying the final bits of SXSW, seeing The Cult (cry!), and having a Rock Band party equipped with a green screen and crazy glam rock costumes, I am home with El Gripe (the flu). boooo! I so wanted to leave and go to a craft store for fabric, stuff to make cute jewelry, and to make more cute stamps with which to decorate some of said fabric, but I know I should be a good girl and stay home. And instead of leaving and risking passing out all dramatic-like in the fabric aisle, I was good, stayed home, and made some new kind of bows.

These are SUPER easy. Here's how I done 'em!

You'll need felt, scissors, a needle and thread and maybe a tape measure. I only used my tape measure to give you all a good idea of how big to cut the felt. Or you can just go at it and eyeball what you think will be a good size.

Cut your rectangle. Mine is 4" x 2.5". Also, cut a little strip of felt for the bow's middle. Round the corners of the rectangle.

Squish the rectangle, like so:

Wrap your strip around the middle and sew, or you can hot glue it. I just don't trust hot glue to hold certain things.

Viola! A cute and really easy bow!

Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Time! Reusable sandwich and snack bags

Hi!  Did you see the cute little sandwich and snack bags I posted just now?  Here's how I made em!

First you will need:
Oil cloth or fabric and iron on vinyl
ruler or tape measure
needle and thread or sewing machine

First, you will need to cut your cloth.  If you are using oilcloth, just cut the cloth into a 7.5" x 9 " rectangle.   I couldn't find any cute oilcloth, so I just used regular cloth and ironed vinyl over the top.  I got the Heat N Bond kind at Hobby Lobby.

Put your cloth onto your surface, lengthwise and patterned side down.  Mark 3.5 inches from the right side of the cloth.

Fold the cloth and crease it well with your finger.  Add your velcro here- I just added the stick on kind because it's what I had on hand.

I kinda put the velcro on a big high.  I would definitely put it down a little lower next time.

Fold your top over like an envelope and press down really good if you're using the stick-on velcro.

Unfold it and either using your sewing machine or your hand, secure the sides by stitching them.  I used a zigzag stitch.

You're done!

For the sandwich bag, cut a rectangle 16.25" x 7".  Use the same method as above, marking and folding 6.5" from the right.

Sewing Machine Fun!

Hi, everyone!  Long time no blog, as usual!

I bought a sewing machine last week.  It was a big step for me.   I have never had luck with them- the threading was killing me!  I could never find a machine that had clear instructions on how to thread the needle and get the bobbin thread to pick up.  Then, I found this lovely lady.

She came with a very good instructional DVD, plus she has a needle threader that makes it SO easy!  I was determined to learn this time.  And I've made lots of fun things!

A paint brush roll for my sister...

Tissue holders...

An artist's tool belt for my wee friend Bella...

Hair bows, of course...

And reusable bags for sandwiches and snacks!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cupcake Tier

I have wanted to make one of these for ages!

You'll need:

2-3  or wooden candlestick holders
plates of various sizes or shapes
spray paint in the color of your choice
a good adhesive, such as E-600 or Amazing Goop

First off, paint your candlesticks and let them dry completely.

Turn the plate that will be your bottom tier over and glue the first candle stick on.  Or you can leave this step out and go to step two.

To ensure it sticks really well, add a bit more adhesive.

Let this dry completely.   Flip it over and glue the second candlestick on in the same way.

Glue the second plate on, and so forth, until the tier is as high as you want.