Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I've been up to besides packing and unpacking

Okay!  We're all moved and now crafty stuff is once again on my mind!  Here are some things I've finished recently!

This is my very late stitchalong from Feeling Stitchy and Cate Anevski.  I was too late to submit it, which sucks, because everyone who did so got a free pattern from her.  What??  Ah well.  Amps the Wondercat likes it.

This will go in my new kitchen somewhere.  I have very little wall space to hang things that isn't already taken up, but I'm sure I can find a space.

And here is the first Lady Gaga cross stitch I've done.  I'm doing a few, plus other crafty stuff I'll post, for a Gaga themed benefit a friend of mine is throwing.  I'll post more details later.

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