Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stampy stamp stamps

As promised, a DIY!

I love stamps.  When I see cute ones, I buy them.  I never use them.  I suppose they're another one of my collections!  I'd love any ideas on how to display them.

Anyhow, I also love the foam stamps you buy at craft stores.  However, they don't always have the shapes I want.  So I thought, " How can I make these?", and came up with a great idea!  It's pretty simple, actually.

What you will need:
a sheet of craft foam- any color.  I used white.
wooden blocks- I used some that were 1.5"
wood glue
templates for stamp shapes
scissors (I used embroidery scissors because I needed to make small details)

Using your templates, cut shapes out of the craft foam.  Glue them onto the wooden blocks and let them dry.

Let them dry for a bit, then dip them or paint them and stamp away!


Acorns (I don't know why these didn't turn out better.)


Mushrooms (my favorite!)

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