Saturday, March 17, 2012

Easy like...well, Saturday Evening

While my friends are enjoying the final bits of SXSW, seeing The Cult (cry!), and having a Rock Band party equipped with a green screen and crazy glam rock costumes, I am home with El Gripe (the flu). boooo! I so wanted to leave and go to a craft store for fabric, stuff to make cute jewelry, and to make more cute stamps with which to decorate some of said fabric, but I know I should be a good girl and stay home. And instead of leaving and risking passing out all dramatic-like in the fabric aisle, I was good, stayed home, and made some new kind of bows.

These are SUPER easy. Here's how I done 'em!

You'll need felt, scissors, a needle and thread and maybe a tape measure. I only used my tape measure to give you all a good idea of how big to cut the felt. Or you can just go at it and eyeball what you think will be a good size.

Cut your rectangle. Mine is 4" x 2.5". Also, cut a little strip of felt for the bow's middle. Round the corners of the rectangle.

Squish the rectangle, like so:

Wrap your strip around the middle and sew, or you can hot glue it. I just don't trust hot glue to hold certain things.

Viola! A cute and really easy bow!

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