Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feeling quite inspired...

I'm feeling very, very inspired of late.  I've started doing little things to spruce up our apartment, and it's looking much better.  I made a few pillows, put some of my pretty ribbon, pompom trim,  and bias tape (I have a ton of vintage bias tape, too) in a big jar, organized my craft area, put some more contact paper stickers up, drew a bunch of stuff I'm gonna embroider, painted some wooden placards I got at Hobby Lobby and put hooks in for my cute measuring cups and spoons, organized my fabric and felt and put it in one of those closet organizer hangers (I have some really cute stuff I need to use!!),  I'm getting better and embroidery and am making a really cute hat, and I'm going to be working on more pillows for around the house, and a few embroideries for the kitchen.  Whew!  PLUS I made a few super cute things for Valentine's Day, some for a friend to give and some for me to give to Allen.  I don't really buy into all of that V-Day junk, but I do like any excuse to make him something cute that expresses how I feel.  I'll be posting pictures of all of it after V-Day. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day, those of you who care to celebrate! 

PS- Does anyone reading know how I can change my background to a pretty pattern?  The white is bleeeehhhhh... 

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