Friday, April 9, 2010

 I am becoming a little disenchanted with making soap.  I do not know what I am doing wrong.  I have a book, and I am following the instructions exactly, but still cannot manage to make decent soap.

I have made some cute soap, I will admit.  But, it took three to four tries to do some of it, and I just simply do not have the time and patience to keep at it.  I guess I can stick with the soap I've already done, but the wanting to learn more side of me won't let me.  THEN, when I try something new, I always come out with something that looks like it could be cool, if it weren't for weird chunks randomly floating in the soap in THE most inopportune places.

This is the best looking one of the batch, too.  Do you see the whitish looking stuff in the foreground?  I have no clue why it's white.  This is clear soap, and the colored parts are also made of clear.  Grrr.  I did manage to make some cute ones, though.

See?  This defies all sense.  The colored parts of these ones are made of white soap base.  However, you don't see the whitish bits that you see in the first picture.  Hm.  Maybe I should just stick with these guys.   They're sparkly and pretty in real life!

I'll surely try more of the skull and cross bones soaps, the one came out really good and I just can't give up yet.  Back to the soap making board...

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  1. I wouldn't have a clue how to do soap. I bet it is hard to get everything just right though. I think your soap is pretty and the white stuff... well, it just adds character. lol ;)