Friday, April 30, 2010

Three updates in one day????...

I am on a roll today.  I got SO MUCH done!!!  Here is the last of what is finished today.  I have some resin currently casting, but I won't be making anything out of it.  I'm just testing some molds, and  they're not in the least bit cool enough to make a necklace.  One is a peanut butter cup mold and the other is a funky starfish thing.  BUT, I did get these done, AT LAST!!

Here are my cassette cupcake toppers.  I will be selling them at Moxie and on Etsy.



Aaaaand some of my favorite things- Word bubbles!


  1. You are a 1 woman craft machine. So love all your creativity flowing and everything you come up with. The cupcake toppers are awesome! Love your new bead necklaces and brooches too.
    You have a big fan in me. :) Keep up the great work sweety!


  2. I have no idea why my previous comment did not show up. Thank you for your support and encouragement, Michelle!