Sunday, November 28, 2010

I should apologize for my sporadic blogging.  BUT, it's not as if many people read this anyway.  I'm not being negative, it's just the truth!  I do want to say that I hope anyone reading this had a good Thanksgiving.  We had a blast.  I didn't take pictures like I thought I would, but there was TONS of food and about 13 of us at dinner.  I made a pretty cheese ball, the first I've ever made, and it was a hit.  Friends showed up and left here and there, and it was nice to spend the holiday with them.  We played a game called Apples to Apples, which is tons of fun and you should totally buy it and play it.  Actually, once you know the rules, you could easily make the game at home.  I don't want to go into it here, but it's basically a word association game.  I love games, and I don't get to play them enough, because we never have people over, because our apartment is TINY and there's not room. 

So anyway, the reason it's so sporadic of late is, again, because I don't have anything I can post yet, at least that I've made, because if someone on my gift list DOES happen to wander over here, they'd have the surprise ruined!  RUUUUINNNNNNED!  And I don't want that. 

I can say that I purchased a Japanese embroidery book in pdf format for $5 on Etsy:

And OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH it has the cutest tiny patterns in there!!! I'm using some to embroider baby socks to see if it's hard to do, and if it's not, to see if they'll sell at Moxie.  I think they will.  I looked briefly through the PDF yesterday, because I had a lot of other stuff to do and didn't have time to really peruse it, and oh my Lord and butter, those patterns are some of the cutest ever.  I can't wait to try them out!  I want to embroider the whole book and just hang it up somewhere! 

I love giving embroidery to hang to my friends, and I always see it hanging, but I'm not sure how much more they want, you know?  Like, my sister has three that I know she loves, but does she want more?  My friend Rebecca also has three, but would SHE like some more?  I don't know the answer to that question, and if I ask, they may not want to hurt my feelings.  Well, my sister may, she's brutally honest (which I love and wish I could be), but anyway.... sooo I've been looking at other things I can make with embroidery on them, and this book also has some cute cute ideas for that!  So, my Christmas list has changed up a little, and I may be keeping some of the stuff I've done for myself and redoing gifts from this book. 

There.  How's THAT for a new blog entry?  Not a ton of pictures, and a nice little blurb.  I promise, to myself and to anyone who may be reading, to try to blog more in the upcoming weeks leading up to Christmas.  I may try a few new things, like a music day, or a funny youtube day, or a day of pictures of stuff I like to fill in the gaps until I can show off my Xmas wares.

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