Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello, Hello!

Hello, hello!  I’ve just gotten off work, and am super excited about blogging again! I wanted to blog yesterday, but I was hit with a small bout of food poisoning, so no blogging for me. 

I am working on a quilt.  I went to Mollie Johnanson’s blog, Wild Olive, and saw a cute baby quilt someone had done.  They used some of her adorable embroidery patterns on some of the patches.  Then I read Elsie’s blog over at A Beautiful Mess, and looked at her home tour.  She said that she keeps a light quilt on the bed for summer.  I have huge comforters that I keep, since we keep the apartment so cold at night, but I always end up shucking the comforter, so I thought maybe I should try using just a quilt.  Comforters look nice, and I suppose I could keep a comforter handy as well, but in Texas, it does get hot, so I thought I’d make a really cool patchwork quilt to keep on the bed when it’s not cold out.  I have two quilts already- one handed down from my great granny Derrick, and one my granny made in hopes I’d have a baby.  It’s big for a baby quilt.  I mean, it covers me!  And I think maybe a third, and maybe even more, may be in order.  It’s nearing the end of summer, yes, I know, but it’s still hot as crap outside, and I don’t think it’ll get anywhere near cool until like November at the earliest, so I still have time to don the quilts!  Yes!!  Here is a preview.

So, what I basically did is figure out how big I want the quilt to be. I want it huge.  I just do.  So, I took the measurements of my bed.  I decided how big I wanted the squares to be, and d ecided on 6 inches.  My bed is 56 inches wide and 79 long.  It’s hard to explain, since I’m not math minded, but I figured out that I wanted my quilt to be 60 inches wide and 84 inches long.  Those both divide evenly into 6 inch squares, so I have 10 across and 14 down.  That sounds like a way complicated math equation, like something that may be on some crazy test in high school, right???

Luckily, I, for some reason, purchased a quilt block template to make 6.5” squares a long time ago.  I tried to use a rotary cutter on a self healing mat.  That did not work.  I have to press way too hard, and it hurts my funky wrist.  So, I just traced around the square 140 TIMES!!!! And then cut them all out.  All 140 of them, by hand.  Wow.

I am currently sewing the rows of 10 together.  I have 6 or 7 done.  I’m doing it all by hand, since I think that’s the only way to really do a quilt, and anyone who knows me knows I hate to use sewing machines.  It’s going surprisingly quickly, too! So, here is a photo of some of the rows.  I’m super excited to get it all pieced together.  THEN, I get to pick out some fabric for the back.  I’m thinking cupcakes…

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