Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend fun

You know what I love to do on a Saturday?  Go to the Goodwill Blue Hanger and dig through garbage and find cool stuff like this!

I found a whole set of this vintage American Tourister luggage!  I elected to only buy this piece, though, because, as cute as vintage luggage is, I'd rather pull my bright green suitcase on wheels behind me than lug a heavy suitcase in my arms.  All of the AT luggage I found was in EXCELLENT condition!  I don't know why it wasn't in a regular Goodwill store.  Look at the inside of this case!

It came with a clearish blue tray that goes inside as well.  It's got a little yellow on it, but it's otherwise in really good condition.

*LOVE* this thing.  I decided that each time I find a vintage case like this in good condition at the Blue Hanger store (which I usually do), I'm gonna go ahead and pick it up.  They're a cool thing to collect, and I can put all sorts of craft stuff in them!

I also found this Instamatic camera hanging out there.  It's dirty and missing parts, but I'm gonna clean it up and see if I can maybe find the parts online.  I won't use it, it's just my first vintage camera find, and I want it to look nice. 

I also found the most gorgeous vintage Royal typewriter that was dark green and brown.  Three things, though- it was broken, extremely heavy (meaning I'd probably pay a good bit for it, and I wasn't looking to spend a whole lot of money today), and I don't have a space for it.  Had it not been broken, I probably would have found a space for it!  I'm a silly girl, though, and forgot my phone, so I was unable to get a photo of it.  I fiddled around with it for a few minutes and couldn't figure out how to fix it.  It was soooo cute, though! 

I also made some more soap.  I'm gonna put it up in my Etsy shop.

We saw Dinner for Schmucks, which was very, very, funny, and then we went to Orangecup, which is a frozen yogurt shop in The Domain shopping center.  I was disappointed.  I am used to TCBY type frozen yogurt, which I suspect isn't REALLY yogurt at all, with all sorts of different flavors and toppings!  I was craving Mexican Vanilla or Vanilla Bean and gummy bears.  Alas, they have 4 flavors at Orangecup, and they were really yogurt.  I hate yogurt.  It's sour and gross and I can't get the taste out of my mouth for hours.   I ordered some, before I realized how not good it was, and was disappointed.  I got the yogurt guy to put some chocolatey crunchy things on it, though, so it was edible.  I feel so mean saying that, but I just don't like yogurt.  I'll stick with the TCBYish places from now on.  Now, if I could only find one around here...  I browsed Anthropologie while Allen played in the Apple store and I have found a new place to drool over.  They have such nice things for the house.  And cute clothes, but probably not many in my size.  And the candles... WOW.  So yummy smelling!!

We then went to Spec's so I could get some pineapple juice to make Malibu and pineapple drinks.  I also got some Lambic.  It's so delicious.  It's chilling right now, and I'll drink it later tonight.  I'm just gonna upload photos, rename them, blog, and read blogs the rest of the night.  Then, it's Star Trek:  The Next Generation before bed, and back to work tomorrow!

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