Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been sorta slackin on my blog lately!  I've been busy doing other stuff, though, actually getting out of the house, and I haven't done much making of stuff.  I've also gotten back into working out.  I'm soooo physically exhausted, but I need to lose about 30 pounds to get to where I wanna be.  Plus, it's good for me!  I'm also watching my calories very closely.  I did this last year and lost 20 pounds, but gained some back, BUT only half of it, so I'm 10 pounds closer to my goal!  I'm also watching my calories very closely and eating only healthy foods.  I've cut out soda completely (sad) and alcohol as well (sad sad).  So I may prattle on about this occasionally. 

Anyway, back to makin stuff!  Here is a pillow I made for my friend Lori's birthday.  She loved it.  So did her son.  Apparently, he claimed it as his own, so she asked me to do a more boy appropriate pillow for him in exchange for an eyebrow waxing.  Deal!  I dunno what  I'll put on his, though...

Other stuff I'm currently working on- I embroidered part of a design I found by Cate Anevski.  I really love her art, it's got a retro, and sometimes, sort of a creepy vibe to it.  And, this may be bad to admit, but I am the queen of nicking stuff off of websites to stitch up for my house if I can't find anything I already have to stitch up that I want to hang.   I'll post the picture when I'm done.  If you want to see her art, though, here is herblog:

I'm also getting another tattoo this weekend.  I'll be sure to share pics!  I'm very, very excited.  Oh, and I'm working on crocheting a very wide and very long multi-colored scarf.  Even though it's gonna be Spring soon.  Maybe I'll have it done by the winter.

Have you ever seen Freecycle?  Many cities have a Freecycle group, and Austin, of course, has one that I've been a member of for years.  It's basically where you join the group and post if you have stuff you want to get rid of, or post if you have something you're looking for.  It's all free, no one is selling nor buying on there, like they would on Craigslist.  It's especially good if you're moving and have odds and ends that a thrift store may not take.  I've used it every time I've moved!  Well, I just got a whole mess of fabric from a very sweet lady,  and also, some little crafty odds and ends, because I posted that I was looking for fabric and craft stuff.  I did have to drive a ways to get it, but it was totally worth it!   Fantastisch!

Okay, that's all for now.  I'm about to go pass out in my bed and watch some Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  I'm nerdy like that.

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