Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sorry it's been a while.  I've  been more into getting stuff organized and decorating than really crafting lately.  I finished an embroidery for the kitchen and am working on the last, and I am also working on a pillow for a friend's birthday.  I'll post photos when they're all done.  But here's a photo of the last kitchen embroidery that I did.  It was Allen's request.  Note the lack of vegetables on the burger.  That's how he likes it. 

Today, I got a surprise package from my friend Jo, who lives in Wales.  She sent me the cutest things!  Thanks so much, Jo!

Until I get my other stuff finished, here are some pictures of cute tiny things that I collect!  Please excuse some of the blurriness- I'm not very good with a camera and some were taken with my iPhone.  Tiny things make me very happy.



See ya!

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