Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cross Stitch Madness!

So, my friend's bday is coming up, and his sister wanted to do a book for him, with everyone doing a special page.  I thought about it, and wanted to do a cross stitch page.

Well, this is no ordinary friend.  Well, maybe for me he's ordinary, but he's quite eccentric.  And he loves horror movies and Japanese cartoons and zombies.  So, I was sort of looking around online, trying to get some inspiration, when I came across a book called Nautical Charted Designs. 

It's a cross stitch book full of nautical designs!  I love it.  So, I went to BarnesandNoble.com to find it.  I found it, and added it to my cart.  Then I decided to see what other sorts of cross stitch books they have, since I'm really getting into cross stitch and enjoying it.  Then...

I HAD to order it.  I even paid the extra for expedited shipping, so it should arrive by Thursday at the latest.  I can't wait!! 

Right now, I'm working on this from Subversive Cross Stitch:

I can't wait to finish it!  Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic. 

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