Monday, September 6, 2010

Cupcake thoughts and more minis

I'm thinking a lot about making cupcakes today.  I used to bake a lot, but sort of got out of it when I moved out of the house I shared with my roommate.  I could always count on him and his girlfriend to eat whatever I baked, but my boyfriend really isn't so much into sweets, so I cut down on baking.  I just didn't want goodies sitting around the house tempting us.  But today, I decided that there are many, many things that I want to get better at, and making cupcakes, not just regular ones, but crazy  flavors, is one of those many things.

My dream, like if I came in to a gigantic sum of money, is to move my friend Brandi down here and start a shop.  She loves to bake, cook, and make art, and I do, too.  We have talked and dreamed for hours about this.  We wanted sell handmade items and have a bakery as well.  And I added that we could have a bar, too, where we only sold sweet drinks and sweet beer.  We'd also have vegan stuff so that the vegans could partake in our fun.  That would be the ultimate job for me!  Brandi is so much fun, and I really think it would be a successful shop here in Austin, especially the cupcake/girly bar part.  I know it's unrealistic- she's still in school and lives in NY, and I don't even know where I'd come up with the money to even think about starting this up-but it's always fun to dream!

In the meantime,  in addition to dreaming of a fun business and making any kind of cupcake you can imagine, I've been working on embroideries.  I don't know why I love doing these small ones, I just do.  They're so cute.  I may sell them at Moxie, or maybe on Etsy, or maybe I'll finally get motivated to make my own website to sell from.  WHO KNOWS??  ;)

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